Applied Science

Conference On Applied Science

Applied Science represents the primary basis of inventions and complex procedures as it transfers all the scientific knowledge into a physical environment. The transfer is necessary to help technological progress. Medicine is a compulsory discipline which is needed to maintain a high-quality health system and applied science is related to formal science because it resorts to statistical methods. Many improvements can benefit the public health system due to applied science advancements because it deals with solving practical problems and generally employs observational calculations.

Applied science are important as they enable science to be more applicable in the real life. Without it great scientific discoveries may be limited as human knowledge will increase but underutilized.

Every invention, medicine and even buildings are a result of Applied Science (Engineering and Medical Sciences). Basic Science gives information on how things work. Applied Science however, use these laws to create things i.e. are an application of these natural laws to make or create new things.

As Applied science research is increasing in today’s world, this is our responsibility to engage in a platform to promote the innovations among researchers.