About Us


IFERP aims at closing in the gap between researchers and academicians of different streams and having that kind of far sightedness gave us a thought to start something which would bring in experts from all the fields together so that the solutions for today’s global challenges can be generated. This gave birth to the worldwide acknowledged brand WCASET which in full is the World Conference of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology.

We aim to reach every nook and corner of the world to bring in talented individuals and to provide them a platform to showcase their findings.

IFERP generally conducts 12 WCASET conferences throughout a year which of course is distributed throughout different parts of the world in a uniform manner. WCASETs has been already conducted in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Goa, Frankfurt, Jakarta and many more and this year of 2019 we are taking it to Canada and Australia as well.

WCASET is built on the confidence and constant support of its Executive Committee which represents different background, culture, diversity but with a sole aim of bring a revolution in generating solutions for the current challenges with a multidisciplinary approach and within the next 5 years with the continuous help and support from people all across the world, we dream of becoming the next biggest brand of multidisciplinary conferences in the Asia Pacific Region an then conquer the world of multidisciplinary approach for the betterment of mankind.